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Winzone Realty Inc. (Queens & Brooklyn Office)


                                 In order to use the forms correctly, please check the list below, and you can always call broker if you have any questions:
To obtain the listings, you should have seller sign 1) Agency Disclosure 2)Listing Agreement 3)Lead Paint Disclosure-residential property built before 1978 4) Agent Disclosure of Property Condition Statement

To assist the consumer on buying or renting before showing, you should have Buyer or tenant sign  1) Agency Disclosure 2) Customer Application

To assist the Exclusive buyer or tenant on buying or renting, you should have Buyer or tenant sign  1) Agency Disclosure  2) Exclusive Agent Agreement 3) Commission Agreement if buyer or tenant should pay

 To assist the consumer make the offer to buy or rent, you should have Buyer or tenant sign  1) Sales Binder 2)Lead Paint Disclosure-residential property built before 1978  3) Agent Disclosure of Property Condition Statement-sales 

                                 Agency Disclosure(sale)
                              Agency Disclosure(rental)
                            Agent Declaration (notary)           
                              Customer application                            
                              Listing Agreement(office exclusive)
                              MLS Listing Agreement(residential 1 of 2)
                              MLS Listing Agreement(residential 2 of 2)
                              Residential Listing With Commission Escrow
                              MLS Listing Agreement(coop/condo 1 of 2)
                              MLS Listing Agreement(coop/condo 2 of 2)
                              MLS Listing Agreement(residential rental)
                              MLS Listing Agreement(commercial)
                              MLS Listing Agreement(land)
                              Lead Paint Pamphlet
                              Lead Paint Disclosure(sales)
                              Lead Paint Disclosure(rental)
                              Property Condition Disclosure Statement
                              Agent Disclosure of Property Condition
                              Sales Binder                              
                              Fax Cover Sheet
                              Exclusive Buyer Agent Agreement
                              Exclusive Tenant Agent Agreement
                              Offer Acknowlegement(sale)
                              Offer Acknowlegement(rental)
                                     Commission Agreement (Seller pay)
                              Commission Agreement(buyer pay)
                   Commission Agreement Of Dual Agency(Sales)
                   Commission Agreement For Rental (Landlord Pay)
                     Commission Agreement For Rental (Tenant Pay)
                   Commission Agreement Of Dual Agency(Rental)

                              Commission Agreement 50/50 From Selller
                              Co-broker Agreement
                              Commission Statement (For Sale) 
                              Commission Statement (For Rental)
                              Transaction Sheet (Sales)                              
                             Transaction Sheet (Rental)
                               Withdraw Form(with condition)
                               Release Form(without condition)
                              Report Of Changes
                              Residential Lease
                              Commercial Lease
                              Referral Agreement
                             Credit check form($25)
                             Transaction Information Sheet (Sales)                              
                              Transaction Sheet (Rental)

 ( Brooklyn MLS)

Privacy Request form
Office Exclusive form
MLS change of status
Affidavit of Entitlement to Commission for Completed Brokerage ServicesCommission Protection Act
Withdrawal of Property


Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement
Input Form - Single Family Residential
Input Form - Condo
Input Form - CoOp
Input Form - Land
Input Form - Multi Family
Input Form - Multi Family 5 plus
Input Form - Rental Residential
Owners Affidavit - Name Withheld
Owners Affidavit - Discontinue Showing
Owners Disclaimer - Office Exclusive
Status Change Form